Basic Shape Collages

For this project students will look at artwork that is made up entirely of basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles. Students will then create their own geometric compositions by collaging different sizes and colors of basic shapes. Once a variety of large, medium and small shapes are glued on their projects, students will add the finishing touches by adding hand cut tiny shapes.

How can I talk about my child’s collage project?

Here are some helpful questions to get the conversation started at home:

  1. What types of shapes did you use for your project?

  2. Point to different objects in the room and ask ‘What shape is this?’

  3. What colors of shapes did you use in your project?

  4. What do you know about the word ‘overlap’?

  5. How can you overlap shapes?

  6. Were your shapes all the same size or did you use small, medium and large shapes?