Self Portrait Line Paintings

Lines are one of the fundamental art elements used by many artists in their work. Kindergarten students will begin this year by learning about some of these different types of lines. They will examine straight, curvy, wavy, dotted and zig zag lines and then discuss the emotional qualities of each mark.  After talking about lines, students will create a life sized abstract self portrait that incorporated a variety of line types. Brightly colored tempera paint will be added to the projects in order to make them visually come alive.

How can I talk to my child about their work?

The elementary art department at SAS encourages parents to engage their children in conversations about their work at home. By talking to your children to talk about their art, you can help your child to further develop their self reflection skills, as well as reinforce the art vocabulary that they have been learning about in class.  Here are some helpful questions to get the conversation started:

  1. What types of lines did you learn about in art?

  2. Can you draw a zig zag line in the air with your finger?

  3. What does a wavy line look like?

  4. If you wanted to draw a happy line, what type of line would you draw? How about a sad line?